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Lieutenant Ernie Simmons

Year Appointed: XXXX

Date of Incident: June, 1973

Date of Death: June, 1973

Unit: Dispatch

Location: Central Fire Station #1, Alarm Office

Cause: Heart Attack

Lieutenant Simmons had just put Engine 1 back in service at Central Fire Station when a resuscitator alarm was given for the alarm office, also at Central Station. Firefighters responded next door (where the museum now stands) and attempted to resuscitate Simmons for approximately 3 hours without success.

Dr. Maurice Hood had visited Firefighter Simmons, who was complaining of epigastric pain, several minutes before his cardiac arrest, and was only a few blocks from the fire station when he heard the alarm dispatched. Upon his return to help, he assisted firefighters attempting to revive Firefighter Simmons.