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Old Engine 3 Journals and Baseball Box Scores

If you’re a fan of baseball, especially baseball history, you’ll enjoy the following pictures.

Imagine it’s October in the late 1920′s.  You’re working at AFD Fire Station #3 at 3002 Guadalupe St.   The only media entertainment you have is a radio.  The Baseball World Series is about to start.  In order to keep track of the game and make it a little more interesting you try and track down something to write in to keep score of the game.  Up on a shelf are some fire log books from 1916 that have some blank pages remaining (when the Austin Fire Department became a paid fire department) .  So you grab a pencil and a straight edge and proceed to draw some rows and columns.  You check the morning newspaper for the line-ups, write them down, and verify the names when the announcers start the play-by-play.  Hash marks keep track of runs, hits, errors, put outs, and more.  You keep it up through the mid 1930′s, documenting every game, including Game 3 in 1932 in Chicago.  The significance of that game?  Babe Ruth’s alleged “called shot”.

Thirty years later, as the fire station is closing down, rather than throw the dusty old journals into a dumpster a fire fighter takes the logs home and puts them in a box under his bed.  45 years after that, the firefighter’s widow hears of an up and coming Austin Fire Museum and returns the journals to be archived.

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