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What is your favorite looking Austin Fire Station?

Austin’s first permanent fire station was built in 1878, only to be burned down by an arsonist in 1879. The oldest standing building that used to be a fire station is the Washington fire hall from 1885. Since then, Austin has built many fire stations with very unique architecture. The older the fire station, arguably, the more character and better looking the structure. Is there any truth to the old saying that “they just don’t build ‘em like they used to?” The following are some pictures of Austin’s more visually impressive fire stations. Please feel free to leave any comments about why one in particular might be your favorite. It’s a given that the most beautiful stations were the ones built in the volunteer era before 1916, so this list does not include any of those. I have included Fire Station 4 in this list because it is the only horse-drawn station still in operation. To see all of our fire stations you may start at the beginning of the AFD museum’s photo archive gallery.

Central Fire Station #1

Fire Station #2 (1927)

Fire Station #4 (1908)

Old Fire Station #5 (1931)

Fire Station #6 (1932)

Fire Station #7 (1940)

Old Fire Station #8 (1920′s)


Fire Station #9 (1920′s)

Fire Stations #10, 11, and 12 (1938, 1949, and 1950)

Fire Station #16

Fire Station #23

For those of you who like newer stations, here’s our newest:
Fire Station #44

Honorable mentions need to be given to Fire Stations 3, 14, 15, Old 17′s, and Fire Station 18. We look forward to your input.

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  1. Sandra Sunday McCutcheon says:

    My Dad was Robert L. Sunday – he retired with 37 years service from AFD. Central has to be my favorite – Dad spent his entire career at Central Station. I have many fond memories of climbing on the fire trucks at Central as a child.

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