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Austin Fire Dept. 2009 San Jacinto Day Celebration–Save the Date

san-jac-ca1900webThis year’s annual AFD San Jacinto Day Celebration will take place on the evening of Friday, April 17, 2009 so save the date! 

The location will be the same as last year–Fiesta Gardens, which is located at 2101 Jesse E. Segovia St., Austin, TX 78702. Last year’s San Jacinto Celebration–a rebirth of tradition–was a huge success.

In 2008, the Austin Fire Museum and the Emergency Services Pipes and Drums Association (ESPADA) teamed up to put on a successful benefit event of food, music, and camraderie.  Proceeds from the event went towards the Austin Fire Museum with a silent auction benefiting ESPADA.  This year’s upcoming celebration fast approaching so purchase and reserve your tickets right now through Paypal or contact any of the following members for more ticket information.

AFD HQ, see Mandy Ray
Union Store, see Kelli Tucker
Lyzz Donelson – Engine 6C (c 619-8869)
Andre de la Reza –Engine 6C (c 695-2850)
Josh Miller – Engine 6C (c 922-9878)
Coitt Kessler – Ladder 18C (c 653-6458)
Michelle Caldwell – (512)694-2989

At least as far back as 1869 the Austin Fire Department celebrated San Jacinto Day (the last battle for Texas’ Independence from Mexico April 21, 1836) every year until the early 1920′s.  The fire department’s yearly promotions, awards, and parades were celebrated the weekend of April 21st.  In fact, many of the Austin Fire Museum’s oldest artifacts are dated April 21st to honor that particular year’s celebration.  Following the Austin Fire Department’s transition from volunteer to paid in 1916, one of the casualties was the annual San Jacinto Day Celebration.

On Saturday, April 23rd, 2005 the Austin Fire Museum held its Grand Opening in honor of the San Jacinto Celebrations.  Every year since then, the Museum has held its annual open house during the weekend of April 21st in order to bring back this very important day in AFD history.  In 2008, the AFD Museum joined with ESPADA to put on a joint fundraiser in Celebration of San Jacinto Day.

This year’s event will again feature a silent auction benefiting the Emergency Services Pipes and Drums Association (ESPADA). Your participation is very appreciated being that the auction proceeds help to fund the instruments, training, and operations of the organization.

We also need volunteers for this event! Please click on the button to sign up for a position. All volunteers will receive a free San Jacinto Day 2009 T-shirt, although volunteers will still be required to purchase an entry ticket.

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