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Norman Rutledge Collection—–Courtesy of Ret. Capt. T. D. Haldiman

Capt. Norman Rutledge (served 41 years–1930-1971) was assigned to Truck Co. 1 as a firefighter in the 1930′s when it was located at the Old Central Fire Station 1 at 114 W. 8th Street. Firefighter Rutledge steered the tiller portion of Truck 1. Rutledge promoted to Captain in the late 1940′s and served as the Captain of Truck 2 throughout the 1950′s. Captain Rutledge returned to Truck 1 in the 1960′s and retired in 1971. Ret. Capt. T. D. Haldiman was firefighter Rutledge’s son-in-law and has graciously donated many items from “Rut’s” collection to the AFD Museum archives. The following photos are just a few from Capt. Rut’s tours on Truck 1 in the 1930′s.

Truck 1 ca.1935

Truck Co. 1 ca.1935 at Old Central Fire Station #1. Tillerman N. E. Rutledge is first on the left.

Norman Rutledge

Great photo of “Rut” steering the tiller position on Truck 1. Rut probably faced many vicious Texas storms on top of that tiller.

N. E. Rutledge

Another great view of the tillerman of the 30′s.

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    Ellis was like a dad to me as his wife my other mother. I love and miss them both. They were always ready to teach and help ALL.

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