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AFD Museum Website

Welcome to the new version of the website for the Austin Fire Museum. We’ll be under construction for a while, but new stuff (along with much of the old content) should be posted on a weekly basis. The vision of the new website is to be an opportunity for you to experience the history of the Austin Fire Department through many old photographs, documents, videos, and pictures of our artifacts in the museum.

The main portion of the website will be much like an historical archive featuring the history of fires in Austin, firefighters, apparatus, stations, and disasters that have occured in the city over the past 150 plus years. The “news and events” section will contain updated information about new acquisitions, events such as San Jacinto Day, and even stories about current historical fires, such as the June 16th Texas Governor’s Mansion Fire.

Therefore, this summer you’ll see a lot of changes to our website as we rebuild our online archive. Our archive of pictures, documents, and memorabilia has increased ten-fold since we started organizing the Austin Fire Museum in 2003. Thank you very much to all of our donors and supporters who have contributed over the past five years.

Jerry Cohen, Archivist/Treasurer

Austin Fire Department Historical Society and Museum

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